Services Offered

1.      E-learning Courses – specific and interactive to engage learners and provide necessary instruction and information for applicable applications.

2.      Course curriculum development- This includes in-person, virtual, asynchronous, synchronous.

3.      Course material creation and development. This includes virtual posters, printable handouts, handbooks, guides, and manuals.

4.      Video creation and editing of course content.

5.      LMS management and development

6.      Student persona assessment and analysis

7.      In-depth assessment, evaluation, consultation, and maintenance of training and learning programs.

8.      Website development. (HTML and CSS)


Interactive Videos

Compliance Training

Operational Training

Communication Training

Resume Writing

Curriculum Development

LMS Adminstration

Technical Support

Role Assignment to Corporate Learners

Maintain Records

Review and Revise eLearning Content

Maintain LMS and Provide LMS Knowledge to Corporate Learners

Subject-Centered Design

Learner-Centered Design

Problem-Centered Design





Course Materials

Participant Guides

Facilitator Guides

Training Manuals


Interactive Online Posters

*This is not an exhaustive list of services available.