My Work

MIT 806 Assignment 6: Mentoring Program - Brooks

Mentoring Program

This presentation is a proposal to a company to begin a mentoring program for its employees.  This program will guide recently promoted employees in their new positions.

Interactive Poster

This poster allows learners to engage with the learning material by clicking on certain objects on the poster. This poster can be easily updated and shared.

Designed Website

This website showcases digital literacy and provides resources for adult learners.

Interactive Courses

These courses are a sampling of  interactive courses created and designed using Rise and Storyline 360.

Designed Website

This website provides the viewer with tools and resources for resume creation and improvement.  

In these examples of work, I created an animated infographic to explain the features of a tool that can be used in the workplace. I also created a video tutorial showing how to use the tool and explaining what situations the tool could be useful.