Capability Statement


Knowledge Branch Training & Development LLC provides the resources, talent, and guidance to adult learners through self-guided learning paths and employer-sponsored training opportunities to help them achieve their peak of professional potential.


1. Integrity – We adhere to moral and ethical principles as we serve learners.

2. Honesty – We are truthful, upright, and frank about the preparation, delivery, and execution of the courses created.

3. Wit – We aspire to have and share the keen perception and cleverly apt expression of those connections between ideas that awaken amusement and pleasure for the learner.

4. Supportiveness – We provide sympathy, encouragement, and helpful information to those we serve.

5. Humanity – We recognize human beings collectively by being kind, compassionate, and benevolent.


To always keep the learners, top of mind.

To ensure understanding and comprehension of learning materials and content.

To provide a path to growth and clarity through wisdom, instruction, and technology.